Making Disciples of All Nations

Sermons by Craig Smith

Live As Elect

In Peter’s second letter to the churches, he changes his focus from persecution to false teaching in the church.  To set a foundation, he preaches a short but very pointed sermon that is intended to remind his readers that since they are called and elect they need to live godly lives.  This is a powerful message to the church today and much…

I Have Come As Light

It is Palm Sunday, the beginning of the most holy week of the Christian calendar.  This morning we will look at John 12, as Jesus enters Jerusalem and declares that He came as light, the absolute light of the world!  

Authority Over Death pt. 2

This morning we will be looking at the resurrection of Lazarus.  This act establishes Jesus’ ultimate authority over death and confirms his claim to be God incarnate.  This miracle is the last public act of Jesus prior to his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Authority Over Death pt.1

Easter is the most important time of the year in the Christian church.  It is the time when we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection, as he becomes the perfect sacrifice and deals with sin once and for all.  This morning we look at the first part of story of Lazarus.  Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead as a picture of what he…

Uncontainable – Immense Yet Immanent

God is infinite.  The very thought is something we cannot even comprehend.  Yet, in his infinitude He is also immanent, near to us and always present.  The psalmist declared this knowledge to be to great for him.  In this message we attempt to restore our awe of God by understanding what scripture teaches us about his infinite, ever present nature.  Glory to…

Final Destination

This sermon closes out our study of the Book of Acts.  Paul arrives in Rome and his last recorded teaching in the Book of Acts is a direct message to the Jewish leaders in Rome.  Your eyes see, yet never perceive.  Your ears hear, but never understand.  Your hearts have grown dull… may this never be true of us! [No audio available…