Making Disciples of All Nations

Acts of the Apostles (Page 3)

A Sermon Series in the Book of Acts
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A Sovereign God and a Bold People

Acts 4:1-22 Understanding and knowing God is critical to living the Christian life.  Sovereignty is at the center of living lives that trust God for all things.  A sovereign God leads to a bold people.  ( no audio available for this message)

No Other Name

Acts 4:1-22 There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved!  Peter makes this amazing statement to the ruling authorities of the nation.  We stand on this truth as the centerpiece of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is truly good news!!

The Church Begins

Acts 2:42-47 As the church era begins, we see in this passage that a relationship with Jesus causes us to be separated from the world and to have compassion for those around us.  This new lifestyle is so attractive that it draws those who have no hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The God Who Acts

Acts 1:12 – 2:13 Acts is the story of the ministry of Jesus from heaven, through the Holy Spirit, by the apostles.  In this message we see God beginning to act as He chooses Matthias to replace Judas and then sends the Holy Spirit to indwell all believers.  Nothing will ever be the same after this day.

Why Are You Gazing?

Acts 1:6-11 At Jesus ascension he gives the disciples a command… it is their mission, and the mission of the church today.  Be my witnesses.  Yet, the disciples find themselves gazing into heaven wondering when he will return.

The Holy Spirit

Acts 1:1-5 The Book of Acts is about he ministry of Jesus Christ from heaven, through the Holy Spirit, by the apostles.  In this passage Luke tells us that the disciples waited in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Understanding the why this is so important is central to living a Spirit guided life.