Making Disciples of All Nations

The Work Fulfilled

Acts 14:1-28 Where God leads us we can expect opposition.  Yet, even in the difficult trials of life there is not an option to quit.  We cannot go home early, as John Mark did.  Paul and Barnabas stay the course and the work for which they were set apart is fulfilled.  May that always be the case for all of us!

Antioch Sets Apart Saul and Barnabas

Acts 13:1-13 The Church at Antioch became the missionary sending church.  Their leadership was an eclectic group of very Godly men who took serious the final commandment of Jesus Christ.  As a result of their obedience, the world was changed forever.  But remember this, when God sends us we must expect opposition.

The Lord Who Rescues

Acts 12:1-24 This passage is a clear contrast between the power of man and the power of God.  Herod Agrippa had great power as king.  But his power is no match for the power of the sovereign God.  However, the passage raises some very important application questions…

The Church Scattered – Saul

Acts 9:1-31 The conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus is one of the best known stories in the Bible.  It is an event that changes the course of history.  Yet, it also highlights some serious questions about how God works in our lives to reconcile us to himself.

Care for People – Get the Story Straight

Acts 7:1-60 The martyring of Stephen is one of the pivotal events in the history of the church.  God used his death to spread the gospel into all the known world.  Stephen was a man of God who cared for people and had the story of the gospel deeply embedded in his heart.  His sermon to the Sanhedrin stands as one of…