Making Disciples of All Nations

Desperate for God

In our new series, Shock and Awe – the Glory of God, we will be looking at the nature and character of our great God.  Only as we come before him with awe and reverent fear will we truly experience the beauty of our relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.  This message is an opening warning to all who will listen. …

A Renewed Resolution

In the final week of our Advent series we want to look at what it means that God resolved to redeem a lost and hopeless world.  The birth of Christ is clear testimony that not only has God promised to save us, but He is a God of His word.  Are we?  What is it that God has resolved and how are…

Joy to the World

Joy to the world, a child is born in the city of David and his name is Jesus.  The angels announce the birth of the savior and the world is never again the same. NO audio available for this service.

Man of Sorrows

Isaiah 53:1-12 Jesus is the messiah, the one who Isaiah’s prophecy speak of as the man of sorrows.  Scripture has a lot to say about being sorrowful and suffering, yet being filled with joy and hope.  Advent is a great time to remind ourselves that in the midst of trials and tribulations, it is Jesus who brings us peace, hope and joy.

Such Joy! Salvation Revealed

Psalm 98 This morning we are beginning Advent.  We will take a short break from our Acts series and focus on getting prepared to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  We begin with Psalm 98, the Psalm that Isaac Watts used as his inspiration for “Joy to the World”.  God has revealed his great salvation, let all creation sing for joy!

On Trial for Hope

Acts 23:1-11 Paul is on trial before the Jewish Council.  As he begins his defense, he says, “I am on trial in respect to the hope and the resurrection of the dead.”  It is a massive statement that we can easily miss.  What does he mean and how does this apply to our lives?  That is the focus of today’s message.