Making Disciples of All Nations

Our Story

The vision for oneTreasure Church grew out of a ministry in Salem for single, pregnant moms called the New Beginnings Baby Boutique.  The Boutique is a unique ministry with a core focus on reconciling a lost and very needy world to Jesus Christ through compassion and caring.  God raised up the ministry and the doors opened in October of 2005.  Since that time, over 2000 women, their children and their families have been served.  Many have entered into a relationship with Jesus.  God has greatly blessed the ministry and it has been an amazing privilege for us to serve Him in this way.

However, the need for long term discipleship, training, teaching and development has been very apparent right from the start of the Boutique ministry.  Many of those we serve are coming out of lives addiction and extreme brokenness.  Their support structures are poor or non-existent and the need for intensive community is great.  It is out of that clear need that God has given us the vision for planting small, neighborhood based churches throughout Salem.  These communities will be networked together through common vision, shared resources and a central development ministry.

We thought it might be helpful for you to be able to hear one of the stories of a women who has been impacted by the ministry.  This video is a piece done by the Salem Leadership Foundation in 2009.  It is an interview with Anne, one of the first women to come to the Boutique ten years ago, and Susan Smith the director of the ministry. We think this video will give you a clear idea of why we love this ministry and why we are excited to see where God is taking us!


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