Making Disciples of All Nations

Growing Together

Growing together in Biblical community is a core value of oneTreasure.  Using a combination of Biblical training and hands on ministry, all in the context of close community, we are working hard to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples that obey all He has commanded.

New Believers
oneTreasure is blessed with new followers of Jesus Christ who are developing a new life in Christ.  We think new believers grow best in community based groups that span multiple generations, ethnicities and maturity.  One way we disciple new believers is through the use of a study titled, “Life is a Journey”.  It was developed by Pastor Bill Mounce.  All 12 messages are available from the Biblical web site.  See the New Believer tab in this section for links to the study guide..

Family Discipleship
Making disciples is the mission of the church and oneTreasure strongly believes that the primary place of discipleship is in the home.  To facilitate this process, oneTreasure has developed a 60 week teaching guide that gives parents the outline they need to teach their children about the wonders and glories of our Lord.  Our materials are based on the book by Bruce Ware titled, “Big Thoughts for Young Hearts.”  We are so excited about this material, it unique and very easy to use.  We want every person who attends oneTreasure to be a disciple-maker — particularly our parents.  Grab hold of this material and use it as a tool to help your children understand God’s glory!

Developing Christian Character – A Study on the Sermon on the Mount
How shall we then live?  This is really the ultimate question for a follower of Christ.  The Sermon on the Mount shows us the way.  Jesus starts with the Beatitudes, which show us the very nature of a Christian’s new character and then unfolds the practical implications of how a this new character is lived out in everyday life.  This is an inductive study that uses scripture to teach scripture.  Grab hold of Jesus teaching and your life will never be the same.  Download a copy of the study.



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