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Time to Respond Biblically

Our nation is in deep turmoil and trouble. That is not a deep insight on my part but simply a statement of obvious truth. We have seen the fabric of our society being torn and rewoven over the past several years and it is happening at a rate that none of us thought possible. Yet, the events of the past week have still managed to shock us all as we try to make sense out of the violence, the racism, and the societal divisions that have been exposed in the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota and in the murders of Corporal Lorne Ahrens, Sergeant Michael Smith, and officers Michael Krol, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa, in Texas.
Our political and media leaders are struggling to find the words to describe these tragedies and have little to offer us in the form of hope for the future or even a reasonable explanation of what is happening today in our nation. In his news conference on Saturday, President Obama made an attempt to encourage the nation by saying that we needed to “have confidence that we can build on those better angels of our nature.” He went on to say that we must reflect deeply and not constantly think the worst of other people. If we will do that, the President said, “then we will continue to make progress.”
Please understand something. I am not quoting our President to make a political point. I am quoting our President to show the lack of depth of understanding that our leaders have about the character and nature of the issues we are facing as a nation. Our leaders, including the President, are far from God and far from seeing our world from a Biblical perspective. Consequently, they have nothing of substance to offer us in response. To assume the goodness of man and to fall into a stereotype of the “good angel” and the “bad angel” in our choosing to do right or wrong is simply to ensure that we will continue on our current path, the only path that is available for those who do not know God.
That leads me to be compelled to speak out in a way that I have avoided doing for the past several years. A number of years ago, I heard a quote from Henry Blackaby that stuck with me. He said, and I am paraphrasing, that as the nation becomes darker, it is not that the darkness is getting stronger but the that the light is growing dimmer. The problem is not with the world, which has always been dark, the problem is with the church who is living like the world in weakness and failing to call the culture into repentance for our collective sin. When the light dims, darkness rushes in to fill the void.
Multiple police shootings that appear unwarranted, racial bias and hatred, the senseless murder of police officers who were simply doing their job and protecting those who were protesting police brutality… these are gross symptoms of a society that has thrown off the law of God and decided to live like the people in the day of the Judges… and do what is right in the eyes of each individual. Our nation is in rebellion toward God. We have murdered millions of babies, redefined what is sacred in marriage, attempted to obliterate the image of God in the creation of men and women… we have decided to live however we please and redefine God by making him into the image we desire to worship. Our nation is in rebellion toward God and the ONLY Biblical response to the horrible events of the past week is to confess our sin and become truly repentant. We as a people must turn away from our rebellion and run to Jesus. That repentance must begin in the church of Jesus Christ. The light is not shining brightly enough to illuminate the evil deeds of the world. Our nation has run amuck and our leaders have no idea where to turn. They have no light because we are not shining.
It is time for the church to stand up and call for repentance. We must repent as a people for our racism, our self-focused determinism, our misuse of wealth and power, our denial of God and the sanctity of life. Let judgment begin in the church and among the people of God. Only when we confess our racism, our self-reliance, our denial of the sovereign will of God… only then will he hear from heaven and heal our nation. We must be the light on a hill. We must shine bright. We must lead the way. We must declare the truth and the way and the life… because it is only through Jesus that our nation will find the peace of God.
God has sent us a clear message. Confess and repent. This isn’t just a message to President Obama… it is a message to our nation and primarily to those who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. We know the truth and it is the truth of Christ that will set us free from the bondage of sin and death. It is time to stop what we are doing, to consider deeply the truths of scripture and to begin living radically obedient lives that bring glory to our God.
Maybe then He will relent and heal our land. All to His glory.


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