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Wednesday – Thursday Dakdam Clinic

Wednesday 3Beautiful Dakdam is where we were for our last day of clinic.  We again set up in the village church, and it served us well.  Tim saw approximately 65 people and was able to address almost all of their concerns.

Here are some personal thoughts from each member:

Cherry – Everyone seemed very joy-filled and friendly.  She got to see the child for which she had a hand in ministering to when the team came last year.  The family, grateful for Cherry’s generosity, gave her a special gift and honored her.  It was so cool seeing Cherry and the family getting to meet one another in person.

Wednesday 5Kay – Got her clinic area down perfectly and had quite a good system going.  Kay suggested that we leave leftover gospel bracelets with Pastor Houenh.  He is the top leader of the whole area and fully understood how to use the bracelets as a tool to share the gospel.

Joe – Determined 20 unbelievers came to clinic and not only got treatment, but heard the gospel as well.

Leslie – Had time to, with watchful eyes, observe the moms and dads and grandparents and kids and grandkids, and she truly understood for the first time how truly similar we are; that our differences, our human nature, is not so far off from one another.

Megan – Noticed people were happier than at the two previous clinics.  She noticed that the people would actually respond positively to Kunthea’s joking.  She also found she was more comfortable with the process within the clinic.  The people also were adept at describing their physical concerns, for they spent more time conversing with Kunthea.

Wednesday 4Charis/Amy – Kids this day seems a little more distant, not as willing to engage with her.  One thing that was extremely encouraging, though, was the kids understood the gospel through the bracelets and began sharing with the other kids around them the gospel message.  What a sight to see!

Heidi – Living conditions cause more of the health problems that folks are afflicted with.  In addition, she’s mindful of how much we truly take for granted:  medication, clothes, amenities, etc.

Jeff – Noticed how thankful the people were.  Also, he noticed that absolutely nothing — NOTHING — goes to waste.  Additionally, the Dakdam church was sending out some from their body for a church plant.  So God is on the move in Dakdam – praise the Lord!

Rachel – Pastor Houenh helped translate to each and every person what each color of the gospel bracelet represented.  She heard it so many times that she believes she isn’t far from reciting it herself in the Bunong language!  Also, as she asked Pastor Houenh to take up the mantle and finish giving out the leftover bracelets, he was overjoyed and honored for the opportunity.  As they discussed this, the pastor from Dakdam excitedly shared with them that he used the bracelets to share the gospel with two people within their community that very afternoon and both people trusted Christ after hearing the Good News!

Fixing the Window 3As the team headed out our driver was backing up and hit a tree and decimated his back window.  Jeff and Heidi quickly and quite adeptly fashioned for us coverage over the now missing window using paper, a cardboard box, sticks and DUCT TAPE!  Not only did it hold for the 45 minute drive back to our hotel, but it held for the 10-hour trip home as well.  But more amazing than the makeshift “window” was Pallah’s response to his error.  He wasn’t upset, wasn’t angry.  He was disappointed that it caused us delay — which was no delay at all.  What a joyful person he is, and his involvement with the team will be remembered and lauded forever in our minds, for we know the One whom he serves and the one to whom he belongs.  What an example he was for each one of us.

THURSDAY:     Travel took a little longer getting back to Phnom Penh (10 hours), but  we made it safely and were happy to get back to the guesthouse and enjoy a little R & R.


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