Making Disciples of All Nations

Tuesday – O Reang Clinic

O Reang Clinic 3Today’s clinic was so very different from yesterday’s.  Koh Nhek was desolate and barren.  But O Reang was full of life, surrounded by vegetation — a beautiful coffee plantation.  Additionally, clinic was set up in the church, and the community was made up of about 90% Christians.  Where serving in Koh Nhek was chaotic, O Reang was quite peaceful.  Our clinic was set up perfectly and the flow for the day was a little more relaxed.  Tim only saw approximately 65 patients and was able to address most of the issues brought to him.  We also added another station in our clinic as Kay helped fit approximately 35 of those patients with reading glasses.

Prayer Request:

O Reang Clinic 6We have a LOT of medication (though we haven’t had clinic yet for Wednesday), and we need wisdom for what to do with whatever medications are left over.

  • The team as a whole is growing quite discontented with rice; we are all longing for French fries!
  • Many respond to the gospel when the bracelets are handed out and that an interpreter will be present to translate the message.

With that, we’re off to eat more rice!  [Be sure to take a very close look at the pastor’s T-Shirt in the picture below.  Recognize anyone?]

O Reang Clinic 7 O Reang Clinic 1


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