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Elephant Ride in Senmorom

After an 8hr drive from Phnom Penh to Senmorom we headed out for an elephant ride.   We drove out of town about 20 minutes and parked at the top of a hill, then followed someone down a trail for about a half hour and ended in a vallKay Catching Upey below.  They brought over 5 elephants and we climbed aboard.  The baskets were very small that we sat in.  The ride was another half hour descending further down the hillside into the Cambodian Jungle.  When we finally stopped and climbed down, the elephants and their handlers headed out and we had no idea what we were supposed to do.  We waited by the river for a bit until another handler and elephant showed up to take a bath.  We watched in amazement as the elephant walked into the river and cleaned up.  After waiting for over a half hour, we finally decided we would walk back on our own.  A guide showed up just in time to lead us out.  As we walked we learned that he became a believer last July.  He Edelblutes and an Elephantrecognized Joe.  Yes, God sent us a believer to guide us out of the Cambodian Jungle. God is Good!  We walked up a very steep hillside for over an hour to get back to our car.  Being out of our normal routine makes it easier to look around and see God’s amazing creation.


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