Making Disciples of All Nations

Hebrews Passage – Sunday, Sept. 27

This week we will cover all of Chapter 7.  This 28 verse passage has some confusing things in it, but it is a very logical argument that leads to the ultimate conclusion in verse 25.  Here are some questions to ponder as you read the chapter in preparation for worship on Sunday.

  • Why do we need a high priest at all? What makes Melchizedek better than the Levitical priests?
  • Verse 22 says that Jesus is the guarantor of a “better covenant.” This refers back to verses 18-21. What is the original covenant? What is better about the covenant the Jesus guarantees? (See Jeremiah 31:31)
  • Verse 25 is the “big idea” or central theme of chapter 7. Why is this truth so important in your life? Has Jesus saved you to the uttermost?


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