Making Disciples of All Nations

Hebrews Passage – Sunday, August 23

Our passage this week is Hebrews 5:1-10.  Last week we looked at the last three verses of Chapter 4.  These verses form a “hinge” passage that both looks back on the previous chapter and also introduces this weeks passage, which is all about the High Priesthood of Jesus Christ.  We will come across Melchizedek this week, who is a mysterious person from the Old Testament.  We will find this week that Jesus is High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.  Don’t let this confuse you, as the important application is that we are being taught that Jesus is a far better High Priest than the human priests of the Old Testament.  This theme of Jesus as our High Priest is the central theological teaching of the book Hebrews. So, as you prepare for this weekend’s worship service, read Hebrews 5:1-10 and then read Hebrews Chapter 7, which gives a further explanation of this priest whose name is Melchizedek.  Here are some questions to think about from the passage:

  1. How were high priests chosen? (v.1 & 4) see also: Exodus 29:1-9
  2. How are all high priests to act toward the people they serve?  Why?
  3. How did Jesus become a high priest?
  4. Through Jesus’ learning obedience and being made perfect, what was the outcome?

Note: When verses 8 and 9 say that Jesus learned obedience and was made perfect, it is NOT saying that he was imperfect or disobedient prior to his sacrifice.  Just the opposite.  It is saying that through his suffering death on our behalf, and suffering the temptations of this world without sin, his sacrifice was perfected so that the outcome stated in verse 9 would be reality.  We will talk about this in more depth on Sunday.