Making Disciples of All Nations

Hebrews Passage – Sunday, August 1

Our passage this week is Hebrews 4:1-11.  It is a continuation of last weeks passage about entering into God’s rest.  The Israelites failed to enter the rest of God due to disobedience.  This week we will dig into the first half of this passage and look at what it means to have the rest of God.  What is Sabbath rest and how do we enter into it?  Read the passage and then look at Numbers 13:17 – 14:4.  Think about these questions as you read.
1.  How is this story of the Israelites taking possession of the promised land related to the promise of God’s rest in Hebrews 4:1?
2.  Why did the spies recommend not going into the land?  How does this story relate to our lives today – what giants keep us from trusting the promises of God?
3.  What was the outcome of the peoples’ grumbling and rebellion?  How is this a warning to us?


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